Photo by Daisy Wu
A blue girl holds a stick and looks at the abstract, nature scene next to her. A speech bubble with a question mark appears from her head.
Artist(s): Bria Fernandes (Assisted by: Laura Lewis, Brianna Wentz, Mike Valcourt, Pat Lazo, Helga Jakobson, Chloe Chafe, Andrew Eastman)


Completed: 2021

Artist’s Statement: “Dreams are our exaggerated reality. Real-life is hard, but dreamscape is the ‘in-betweenness, a place where consciousness and subconsciousness co-exists and where we succumb to or conquer our inhibitions, basically decide our truths. Dreams reflect how we feel. When a dream feels real, it can draw the dreamer closer to their true image – knowing what matters and finding courage from within. The girl is in a strange unfamiliar world. The unfamiliarity of this world is life itself. To be fearful and give in, or to be courageous? Her courage is a self-personification– the wolf represents inner strength, new power, and the freedom to transcend insecurities. What matters most is the dream. It is an inspiration of sorts where one can grow, learn about themselves, and build confidence.”

Sponsored by: United Rentals, West End BIZ, Janzen’s Paint & Decorations, Synonym Art Consultation, Benjamin Moore Paints, Graffiti Art Programming, Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 555 Ellice Ave Winnipeg MB R3B 3C4 Get Directions

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