Producer: Town of High River

Spitzee Crossing

Spitzee Crossing was the only accessible place to cross the Highwood River on the old Macleod Trail from Fort Macleod to Calgary. In 1886, when flood waters made the river impassable, Buck Smith built and operated a ferry. A bridge replaced the ferry in 1887

Artist: STEVEN JONES, 1994

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New Roots

The design reflects the unity of the community working together to move forward through spirit and determination. Bold paint strokes encompass a background of a heart, entwined with the horses’ legs to reflect the strength of the herd, young life and new roots. The design was selected by the community from artist submissions from across Canada.


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High River Jubilation

The mural embraces the concept of community spirit joining together in the celebration of renewal. Featuring a sunny local landscape, a diverse community of dancers invite the viewer in. An inner circle of children, protected by the dancers represent hope, joy and growth for the future. Hot air balloons speckle the sky - a nod to our annual Balloon Festival.

Artist: ALEX PAVLENKO, 2016

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Supply Trains Here

This mural depicts an early small town scene. Excursions to town were few and far between for homesteaders and ranching families. The arrival of the supply train provided an opportunity for people to socialize and get caught up on the latest news.

Artist: Terry Gregoraschuk, 1991-92

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Aviation History in High River

The first mural (facing east) features squadron leader ‘Ack Ack Leitch’ one of Canada’s outstanding aviators and a long-time resident of High River. He was awarded both the Military Cross and the Distinguished Flying Cross. He was stationed in High River at the Air Station and was later promoted to Officer Commanding. The parachutists are Flight Lieutenant Carter, M.M. seen
making the first local jump at the High River Air Station in 1926, and stunt man Roy Lomheim demonstrating his free-fall dive to students from the No. 5 Elementary Flying Training School in the 1940s. The south-facing mural shows an inspection at the No. 5 E.F.T.S. which operated on the former High River
Air Station site from 1941 to 1944. The west-facing mural depicts an aerial fire patrol carried out by members of the Canadian Air Force who manned the High River Air Station, which opened in 1921. Carrier pigeons were used until ground to air communications were established.

Artist: Doug Dreidiger, 1992-94

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High River’s First Nurse

Marie Meyer Davis was a trained nurse who lived and worked in the High River area from 1903 to 1939. She was an invaluable assistant to pioneer doctor Dr. G.D. Stanley, and accompanied him to many out-of-town cases, often driving
the horse-drawn vehicle while he slept. During the 1918 influenza epidemic, when the doctor was too busy to make all the calls, she often worked alone.This mural was a joint legacy project between the 1996 High River Science Festival
Committee and Science Alberta, and is a reminder of the significant contribution science makes to our everyday lives

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