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Wings St. Thomas

An ode to St. Thomas! This interactive mural is perfect for taking selfies and sharing them with your friends. Be sure to have a close look at the mural to find all the St. Thomas icons!

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Discover this spectacular 4400 square foot mural downtown on the alleyway walls between Talbot Street and the Moore Street parking lot. On the east wall, the orange and red colours feel hot, like sunrise into midday; on the west wall, the green and blue shades feel cool, comparable to late afternoon and sunset. The mechanical and digital forms that tower over the trees on both sides of the alley indicate human intervention into the natural environment, almost akin to alien spaceships.

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When I’m Big

Touted as Canada's largest railway mural, at an impressive 30ft. tall and 50ft. wide, this mural depicts the aspirations of many children who grew up surround by steam engines and the railway industry in St. Thomas.

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MEDIAH’s bold and intricate linework represents two of St.Thomas’ landmarks. First, the lines represent the intersection of two historical roads which created St.Thomas’ location. Second, they represent the railway junctions and railway tracks that were built in the late 19th and early 20th century that ‘The Railway City’ is renowned for. The modern urban aesthetic of the artwork represents a progressive future as St. Thomas rebrands itself with a new identity that represents the City’s commitment to a progressive future for citizens and businesses alike.

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The Magic of Nature

This work celebrates the tradition of the apothecary from its roots of Lemon's Apothecary to today's eclectic Purely Wicked shop.

The artists have honoured botanical medicine across centuries through depictions of the magic of nature.

It is not only by chance that this is now the home of Purely Wicked, offering our community therapeutic healing for the mind-body and soul through their products and services.

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St. Thomas Street Railway

The St. Thomas street railway opened in 1879 and spanned a 10-mile line through downtown St. Thomas. Many of the buildings seen in this mural are still standing today and can be seen along Talbot Street.

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