La Chorcha in Progress
Artist(s): Andrew Lewis

La Chorcha

Found behind the old storefronts of Talbot Street find this vibrant and lively mural connecting to the market space of the Horton Farmers’ Market. Food is something that binds us together and is celebrated the world around, find that connection and vibrancy when visiting this mural!

The design addresses community interaction, inclusivity, the act of coming together and celebrating a positive social experience. Figurative elements are interpretive to reflect our wide range in culture, social beliefs and personal orientations without any literal illustrative image(s). Peace, love and happiness is also the simple message. A more sophisticated colour palette has been developed to enrich this experience and to provide more depth to the emotional response. Energy is reflected in the kinetic rhythm of patten and abstract shapes that will take one on a journey within the composition. Once again, the image connects the dots between the public market and the community experience and culture.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 755 Talbot Street, St Thomas, Ontario Get Directions