Photo by Daisy Wu
Panel of a pink tiger with blue stripes, with an orange butterfly on their tail.
Artist(s): Jieun June Kim


Mural Routes Member(s): June Completed: 2020

Artist’s Statement: “Jieun’s paintings are inspired by Korean folk arts. One of her favourite Korean symbols or folklore characters is Horangi, the tiger. Tigers are revered as guardians and divine spirits and symbolize courage and power in Korean folklore and myth. Tiger is in the symbolic role of protector, guarding against the three disasters (fire, flood, and wind) and the three agonies (war, famine, and pestilence). During these challenging times, Jieun feeks the tiger to be a perfect source of inspiration.”

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 685 Westminster Ave Winnipeg MB R3C 0Z4 Get Directions