Photo by Daisy Wu
Artist(s): Annie Bergen

Western Paint Co. Mural

Completed: Summer 2013

This mural is located on the south facing wall of The Western Paint Company Building, which has operated in Winnipeg for 115 years. A banner at the top with a slogan reads “The Painters Supply House Since 1908.” Going along with the long-lasting legacy theme, the mural provides a look into what the Exchange District would have looked like during the company’s early years, also leaning into the aesthetics of the Wild West. Two horses are seen in the centre pulling a wooden delivery wagon. To the left is the Western Paint sign, which still hangs on the front of the building. It is interesting to note that the surrounding buildings in the painting don’t look much different to what they look like now, given that the Exchange has preserved its traditional, 19th century building styles.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 521 Hargrave St Winnipeg MB R3A 0Y1 Get Directions