Photo by Daisy Wu
Photo panel located on a brick wall. The photo is a black and white image of a person with glasses, with their fist in the air, speaking into a microphone. Behind them, others raise their fists and hold rally signs.
Artist(s): Rebecca Simiyu

Black Lives Matter

Completed: 2021

This panel is displayed on the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba. This work was chosen by the 2021 Panel Mural Program Curatorial Committee, and was decided that it should be donated to a centrally-located community organization, like the IRCOM.

Artist’s statement: “I took this photo at the Black Lives Matter rally at the Legislative building in June 2020. Justice for Black Lives Winnipeg were looking for black photographers to photograph the event in attempt to give black creatives the opportunity to tell their own stories. It was an experience unlike any other because as an artist I have never been in a space that was not only so welcoming but created for black artists. The event was also organized by young black femme community organizers so that was very special too, I saw myself reflected in them and that made the task of taking photos very personal. This photo is of one of the speakers at the event, Kayla Fernandes, who was reciting a poem that they had written. Personally, it was the most emotional part of the rally and Kayla’s emotions really came through in the photo, you can see the passion and the pain in their eyes. This photo is a product of the entire day and event as a whole, it is one of the best pictures I have taken because the environment I was put in allowed me and encouraged me to create from my own perspective. And as a black woman in the photography field being given the chance to create in this space might be a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is the photo I have been waiting to take ever since I first picked up a camera all those years ago.”

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 95 Ellen St Winnipeg MB R3A 1S8 Get Directions