Photo by Daisy Wu
Artist(s): C. Daniela Shapiro

To Party in 2020

Completed: 2020

Artist Statement: “To Party in 2020 is a hopeful thought for the present and the future. Daniela has always thought the idea of a party was conceptually strange, especially after attending her first “friend” party as a teenager. While there is a universal experience of people around the world coming together to celebrate, story tell, and bond over experiences that make up a party – the realities of the past and present means that not everyone has or is allowed to party in the same way. To Party in 2020 already exists in some places in the world, like social media, discussions, among groups of friends, and communities. But here’s to hoping that it can exist in real life, here and around the world.” Sponsored by Signex Manufacturing, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, Graffiti Art Programming, Synonym Art Consultation, and Wall to Wall Mural Festival.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 257 King St Winnipeg MB R3B 1J6 Get Directions