Photo by May Shi @mmayshi
Portrait of white tiger with blue eyes on red wall.
Artist(s): Busyrawk (Branden Cha)

The White Tiger of the West 西方白虎

Completed: 2023

“This is the first of a 4 mural project series. These guardian beasts will be painted as landmarks around Edmonton’s Chinatown. This is a message that Chinatown will remain protected from the colonizers. The combination of 4 murals in different parts of Chinatown will be an allegory of its unity that guarantees its existence and longevity.

In our mythology, the night sky is divided into 4 quadrants of constellations. These are represented by the White Tiger (West, Metal, Autumn, Courage), Azure Dragon (East, Wood, Spring, Fortune), Black Tortoise (North, Water, Winter, Longevity), Vermillion Phoenix (South, Fire, Summer, Wisdom). They protect important or sacred grounds, such palaces and tombs. In this project’s case, it will be guarding Chinatown.

This mural faces the west direction, having this guardian white tiger watch over west of Chinatown. The other 3 will be painted accordingly to the direction, which the respective wall faces.”

On this mural, a traditional 7 syllable structure poem reads:

The White Tiger towers over the mountains,
Protecting the peaceful sailing of this neighbourhood.
In all its greatness,
Guarding Chinatown’s safety and well-being.

Text taken from

40′ x 12′ Aerosol paint on concrete
Back of China Marble Restaurant wall
In partnership with: Bissell Centre, YEG Chinatown Re:VITA, China Marble Restaurant, and Van Loc Vietnamese Submarine

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 10566 97 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5H 2L2, Canada Get Directions