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Photo of wide concrete pillars under a bridge with murals painted on the three pillars visible. Murals are dominantly blue and aquatic in effect with waves and fish in the background. At the centre of each pillar and in the middle of the water effect are indigenous designs of people and animals interacting within a circular frame.
Artist(s): Philip Cote, Kwest, Jarus

Spirit Stories

Mural Routes Member(s): Philip Cote Completed: 2020

10 murals painted along the edge of the Humber River under Old Mill subway station by Philip Cote supported by Artworx TO, starting with the Anishinaabe creation story of the beginning of the universe. Other artists in collaboration for the background images include Kwest and Jarus.

Completed in 2020.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: King's Mill Park North, Old Mill Road, Etobicoke, ON, Canada Get Directions

Accessibility: Under the bridge, harder to access and currently under construction. Pillars under Old Mill Station bridge along the Humber River.