Photo by Daisy Wu
Artist(s): Jordan Stranger (Totem Doodem), Kailey Sheppard, Raquelle Schupp


Completed: 2022

This mural is displayed on the wall of Main Street Project’s seating portal, which was designed by architecture students at the University of Manitoba in 2021. The structure is meant to provide those experiencing homelessness a place to sit and place their belongings, while also shielding them from the wind and harsh Winnipeg weather. This mural was installed in 2022, depicting an array of buffaloes and flowers which represent the respect in which artist Jordan Stranger has for those who work and reside around the Mural Street Project building.

Artist Statement: “The flowers and sage adorn the buffalo with good energy, while our people are represented in its sacred body and the bones. This mural is for the people on the street, the ones walking with the buffalo. Main Street Project has created a place for people to feel find comfort, to feel respected and honoured, and that’s what I hope this piece adds to the space.”

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 635 Main Street Winnipeg MB R3B 1E3 Get Directions