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Renaissance of Mother Gaia

Artist(s): Jacquie Comrie

Producer: STEPS Public Art

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This colourful mural produced by artist Jacquie Comrie transformed the experience of Toronto’s west end arterial roads into a space of light and hope, foreshadowing the transformative Galleria on the Park community in the years to come.

In 2020, ELAD Canada approached STEPS Public Art to develop a series of public art installations on and around the future Galleria on the Park master-planned community. The first of these collaborations was a mural produced by Toronto- based multidisciplinary artist, Jacquie Comrie. This project was completed in collaboration with NEXT Plumbing & Hydronics Supply, a plumbing wholesaler who enthusiastically offered their West exterior wall as the canvas for this public artwork.

Jacquie believes colour is the universal language of emotions; it is light and energy, an electric current to the human brain, known to possess healing properties to change our thoughts and the way we feel. This mural speaks of regeneration and the power of resilience through a year of deep challenges. Through experiences of loss, grief, and uncertainty of the future, we also find ourselves at the wake of a new light and social consciousness. She hopes this mural serves as visual therapy to encourage wellness and mental wellbeing.

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Location: 1140 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON M6H 2A2 | Get Directions

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