Photo by Daisy Wu
A large warehouse building with many windows is painted with words in Ukranian, a male figure is painted in between windows on the left side. On the right side, is a long panel with an image of a poppy.
Artist(s): Charlie Johnston

Olesia Mural (наступна революція буде в культурі)

Completed: October 2021

The title of this mural translates to “The next revolution will be in culture,” and the small print reads “Music from the deepest layers of the Ukrainian Tradition.” This work shares stories and music of Ukrainian culture, and promises immigrants a rich and fertile future. The red poppy represents the blood of those who are hungry with self-determination and reflects ideas of revolution and creativity. This poppy also comes from a 1996 music project by Ukrainian Artist Alexis Kochan, titled Paris to Kyiv.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 448 Hargrave St Winnipeg MB R3A 0X5 Get Directions