Photo by May Shi @mmayshi
Orange and peach patterned snake figure horizontally spread through entire walls of building with strawberries, small daisies and blue leaves on top and behind snake.
Artist(s): Jill van Stanton

No Beginning/No End

Completed: 2018

“This mural was partially inspired by the graphic challenges of the wall—a very long, narrow shape split up by several doors and windows, with diamond elements imprinted into the stucco—as well as tying in the weekly seasonal farmer’s market that takes place right out front. The image references my experience as a farmer’s apprentice several years ago in Duncan, BC. One of my many tasks was to tend to the large strawberry patch, and pick as many pints of strawberries as I could on the afternoons before the Saturday morning farmer’s markets. In the patch, there were always garter snakes—a sight I wasn’t really familiar with as a city kid. I would almost never see their heads or their tails initially, but rather sections of their rope-like bodies, nestled and hidden within the strawberry plants. At first I was scared of them, but eventually I grew to appreciate the wise and weird looking creatures, who seemed to protect the desirable red fruits in the field. In the mural, the viewer doesn’t see the head or tail of the snake-like form, but feels its presence among the strawberry plants.

Last September, my friend and farming mentor, Brock, passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was passionate and excited about organic farming, philosophy, and kicking our butts at board games, and it was a pleasure to spend time and learn with him. We lost touch over the years, which gives me lingering guilt and sadness. I quietly dedicate this mural to him and his memory, and all the truly life-changing experiences I had throughout the growing season we shared.”

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On wall of Apple Dental Care.
Part of Rust Magic Street Mural Festival

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Location: 10803 124 St, Edmonton, Alberta T5M 0H4, Canada Get Directions