Photo by J Spinney
A white horse with blue spots gallops across a yellow background with white stars.
Artist(s): Little Brummie (Victoria Brumwell)

Mural by Little Brummie

Completed: 2023

Multi-disciplinary artist Victoria Brumwell painted this mural for the Halifax Mural Festival in 2023.

The mural is located in the parking lot of Ben’s Bakery off Quinpool Road. Founded in 2018, Little Brummie is a Halifax based, one-woman studio focused on surface pattern design and printed, textile related home goods. More of their work can be found on Instagram @vbrumwellart and online:

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 6239 Pepperell Street Halifax, NS B3H 2P1 Get Directions

Accessibility: Located in a parking lot, the area is flat and paved.