Photo by J Spinney
A face comprised of squiggles and swirls looks over their shoulder, a mirror in their hand. Cattails and pansy flowers, also comprised of squiggles, are positioned behind the figure.
Artist(s): bosny

Cattails and Pansies

Completed: 2022

Cattails and Pansies was painted by Montreal-based artist bosny in 2023. This mural was completed for the 2022 Halifax Mural Festival and is located in the parking lot of the Ben’s Bakery, just off Quinpool Road.

A note from the artist’s Instagram:
“For this piece, I wanted to draw the viewer into a scene of nature and abundance. I’ve been interested (as have been people I draw inspiration from) in “future imaginaires”: the futures as we can imagine it, not just as is expected. A lot of my interest in foraging, hand-sourced materials and organic patterns stems from this. While paint is harder to adapt in this way, I was pleased to be able to use @trackside.studios ‘ leftover latex paint for all of the background. I chose cattails and pansies because both are edible and abundant (and they seemed well suited for Halifax’s pride parade).”
(@bosny.jpg, July 2022)

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 6239 Pepperell Street Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 2P1 Get Directions

Accessibility: Located in a parking lot, the area is flat and paved.