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Photo by Johanna Hill

Mercury and Psyche

Artist(s): PichiAvo

Category: ,

Completed: October 2022

Mercury and Psyche is an approximately 20-meter-tall mural on the east-facing wall of 333 Adelaide St. W in Toronto. Done in Pichi and Avo’s traditional style, the mural creatively and realistically features Reinhold Begas’ 1878 marble statue “Mercury and Psyche” as its focal point, blended with a pink and blue background which contains numerous styled and re-contextualised tags from other graffiti artists across the world.

For More Information: Mercury and Psyche on PichiAvo's website

Mercury and Psyche mural in Toronto, ON, Canada Location: 333 Adelaide St. W, Toronto

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 333 Adelaide St. W, Toronto | Get Directions

Accessibility Information: Located on the westward wall of 333 Adelaide. One may have to traverse a small parking lot to get up close to the mural.

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