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Photo by Electrify Photography

Lion’s Gate

Artist(s): Tanya Pixie Johnson

Producer: Nelson International Mural Festival

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Completed: August 8 2020

Tanya Pixie Johnson created this mural on the back of the Community Futures building for the 2020 Nelson International Mural Festival.

“It is my intention that this reference will create stylistic dialogue with other Art Deco design and architectural features in the city. The composition includes two cat-like sentinels and the suggestion of arches or doorways, water and tree or plant-like forms
These ideas are stylized to meet the design parameters proposed by the client.
The work’s title alludes to the alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius, that occurs in August (at the time of painting), which has been observed since the times of ancient Egypt. This cosmological positioning is honoured as a time of increased energetic activation and connection between the physical and spiritual realms.
The design includes a numerological code that signifies this important time on the planet. The symbolic language of the piece references consciousness and the movement of internal energy.” -Tanya P Johnson

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Location: 514 Vernon St, Nelson, BC V1L 4E7, Canada | Get Directions

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