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Organization: Mural Routes, StreetARToronto

Style: Aerosol

Mural Routes Member: Evond Blake (MEDIAH)

Link: Read more about this mural here.

“Interoh” means “entering into” or “gateway” and “Gale” defines “a very strong wind”. The ‘INTEROH GALE’ mural illustrates a gateway to a sustainable future by using renewable resources, such as wind.

The mural artwork’s theme addresses the idea of sustainability and the complicated relationship between the environment, nature, urban industry, and ever-expanding city infrastructure. The mural specifically addresses the need to preserve green spaces and develop systems and policies that will keep our city and communities sustainable as the City of Toronto continues to grow and develop at a rapid rate.

The highly visible mural artwork has beautified and revitalized this area by transforming a gray, ordinary bridge underpass into an awe-inspiring and visionary landmark that will bring pride to members of the surrounding community for years to come while reminding viewers about issues of sustainability and the environment.

This project is made possible through the City of Toronto StreetARToronto Partnership Program grant.
Photo courtesy of the artist MEDIAH.

Artist: MEDIAH

Location: The underpass at Finch Ave and Morningside in Scarborough | Get Directions