Artist(s): Ann-Marie Cheung

Elephant Garden

Completed: August 2021

The story of Jumbo the elephant is rather tragic and sad. He was a circus animal that was hit and killed by a train in St Thomas in 1885. I’m hoping my mural will help to heal the elephant spirit. I love the elephant symbol, she is so gentle, wise and strong. Did you know elephants will come together to mourn their dead? I see all these new painted elephants around St Thomas coming together to lament and honour Jumbo in a joyous way.

This work of art in the heart of Downtown St Thomas Ontario created July 2021 was part of the ‘Track to the Future’ mural project coordinated by Railway City Tourism in collaboration with Andrew Gunn Consulting and young & free press with generous financial support from the Estate of Donna Vera Evans Bushell.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 605 Talbot Street St Thomas, ON N5P 1C6 Get Directions