Photo by Ingrid Love
Artist(s): Jesse Campbell

Butterfly Effect

Completed: June 10 2022

“Butterfly Effect” was painted on the SHARE Nelson Housing Complex for Nelson International Mural Festival in 2022.

Jesse Campbell is a Métis visual artist and strength athlete. His ancestry comes from St. Boniface and Waterhen lake MB on his Moms side and from Scotland and England on his Dads. Jesse has been painting murals since 2010 and ditched a career in the sciences to work full-time in the arts in 2018.

“With the Butterfly Effect, we have these small reverberations that sort of magnify, and create a much bigger impact. And I think about that with species, and species loss. In this piece I want to sort of depict recollection, recollecting our place within the land, our past, and our tentative future. I do that by reintroducing these flowers and the native species that go with them.” – Jesse Campbell

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 102 Herridge Ln #2, Nelson, BC V1L 0C2 Get Directions