Photo by Daisy Wu
A man and woman couple wear formal attire on a carriage, being pulled by a white horse. Another man in a bowtie and hat sits at the front of the carriage, smiling towards the viewer. To the left of this, is a female dancer and a man who plays a clarinet. This occurs infront of a sunset, that sets above a body of water. There is a blue building to the left, and a sign that reads "Bourbon St." to the right.
Artist(s): Tom Andrich, Shannon Friday

Burbon Street Mural

Completed: 1999

Artist’s Statement: “Design-wise this was relatively simple one for me. The owner of the Bourbon Street Cafe provided a lot of the pictures of things that he wanted on the wall representing Bourbon Street. So I had a theme, and all the source materials! He had photos for me so all I had to do and is piece everything together into a cohesive scene. I made a few things up and it was done. In fact I don’t think I made a rough sketch before I started; I just went in there with my photographs and I designed it in my head; I used the photographs with the overhead. This was the first location I used the overhead projection method. The people of the Bourbon Street Cafe were fantastic and a big help. They’d give me hamburgers! It was really nice. I’ve never experienced a job site where I’ve had quite that level of kindness and generosity and good will and warmth conveyed to me.”

Sponsored by: Take Pride Winnipeg!, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, and Herc Rentals.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 241 Vaughan St, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0E7, Canada Get Directions