20th National Mural Symposium Summary

Mural Routes thanks the speakers and participants who joined us for the 20th National Mural Symposium! This virtual event (held over Zoom) ran November 15 – 18, 2021 with multiple sessions scheduled each day.

It was a great opportunity to learn from and connect with other like minded individuals from across the country.

About the 20th National Mural Symposium

The National Mural Symposium is a professional development and networking event for mural artists, administrators and mural producers to teach, learn, share and explore current trends and challenges in the field of mural art. Mural Routes hosts The National Mural Symposium every second year.

20th National Mural Symposium theme: REPRESENTATION

From thanking frontline workers to speaking out against racism, mural art has proven to be a primary medium to deliver essential messages during a global pandemic. With art galleries and museums closed, this artistic practice is now more relevant and current than ever.

In 2020 we also saw a surge of mural projects across Canada that brought underrepresented voices to the forefront. These visual representations of diverse bodies, stories, experiences and aesthetics, aimed to counter dominant media images. A reflection of societal changes across the world, mural art is contributing to making public spaces more inclusive and representative of the communities that inhabit them.

Below are video and chat transcripts from each of the Symposium sessions.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3, Session 1

Day 3, Session 2

Day 4, Session 1

Day 4, Session 2

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