Youthlink “Puzzle” Mural (Summer 2012)

The concept for this mural was developed by artist Elaine Teguibon, as part of an independent study project for the Leadership Training in Mural Making program 2011. The design incorporates the values of YouthLink and the faces of several of the youth participants.

Puzzle Mural

Toronto City Councillor Michelle Berardinetti directed a portion of the Beautiful Streets budget towards the project. Youth artists Elaine Teguibon, Tara Dorey and Raymond Cho worked under the direction of Program Director Rob Matejka and with support of several summer students, to transfer the design onto the puzzle pieces, which they created out of MDO Plywood Panels.

Puzzle Mural - the team

Puzzle can be viewed at YouthLink, 747 Warden Ave., Toronto.

Puzzle Mural - in progress

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