The Birch Cliff Mural Project


Birch Cliff Village is a well established neighbourhood, with residential single family homes north and south of Kingston Road. The Scarborough Bluffs are to the south, so this is a popular venue for cyclists, pedestrians and dog walkers, who access the Water Front Trail through the local streets. Scarborough Arts and Mural Routes office are located on Kingston Road, in one of the neighbourhood parks. Installation of The Giant Tree - Birch Cliff Village Unfortunately, tagging and neglect of some properties detract from an otherwise vibrant area; which is why a group of long time residents have created a mural committee to work with Mural Routes to improve the visual appearance of the arterial road that services their neighbourhood.

By engaging with Mural Routes, the Birch Cliff Residents’ Mural Committee hoped to reduce the impact of tagging and encourage businesses to take pride in their buildings and become part of a street improvement program.  We proposed to use the theme of re-foresting Birch Cliff with the theme of birch trees; to have a series of murals, some painted, big and small, some installed on panels, in keeping with the scale of the main street facades.

The re-greening of Birch Cliff Village through the Birch Tree Community Mural Project is intended to be a catalyst for community engagement and street improvement to benefit the businesses and residents of the area.  This is an on-going project.  To find out how you can be involved, please contact: Karin Eaton at Mural Routes, or Hedi Greenwood (community contact).

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