In Contemplation

Artist: Désiré Betty

Woodbine Park, Queen Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada

Performer – Live Painting of Mural “In Contemplation”, as part of September 2022 Toronto International Busker Fest for Epilepsy, Woodbine Park, Toronto.

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Perpetual Freedom II

Artist: Désiré Betty

Kensington Market, Baldwin Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

Mural Facilitator and Muralist for the 3rd Annual Mural on Baldwin Street, in response to the theme “The Future without Oppression”, Kensington Market, Facilitated by StreetARToronto, Friends of Kensington Market [Facilitators: Serena Purdy, Curtia Wright & Jai Smith], Toronto.

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Magical Essence of Water

Artist: Désiré Betty

Port Union Village Common Park

As part of #ArtworxTO – WATERMARKED is an experimental mural project commissioned by Mural Routes for the Port Union Village Common Park in Toronto [Scarborough]. Rain Activated Paint was used in this design with elements that will only appear when it rains.

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Ursula Franklin and Spadina signal box mural, front and right side view.

Ursula Franklin & Spadina Signal Box

Artist: Monica Wickeler

Ursula Franklin St. and Spadina Crescent, south corner.

Using spray paint and stencils, Mural Routes artist Monica Wickeler painted two black and green figures playing leapfrog. The background is a fantastic display of pinks, blues and yellows that wrap around to the back of the mural.

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A mural, spray-painted on a barn, of a black osprey on a white background, staring intensely.

Osprey on Barn

Artist: Jamie Janx Johnston

1699 Old Milford Rd, Milford, ON K0K 2P0, Canada

Montreal-based artist Jamie Janx contributes many murals to the Prince Edward County area and beyond. Spraypainted on a barn using his classic stencil design, the artist reflects one of the more surprising birds that call the County home. Locals point out that there are five osprey nests within the Milford area.

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The Junction – Pollination Street Art

Artist: Francine Freeman & High school Art Students

The Junction - Dundas Street West and Keele (4 corners), Dundas and Pacific (3 corners), Toronto, ON

Myself and my art students spent our end of semester creating sidewalk street art in The Junction consisting of flowers, bees and butterflies at 7 street corners.

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