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Step x Step Lakeshore Exhibit Media Release


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                        12 Dec 2013


Mural Routes and Lakeshore Arts present: Intro to Mural Art Final Exhibit show featuring locally inspired mural designs

A multigenerational arts program concludes with mural designs for the Lakeshore community


This past fall, mural arts service organization Mural Routes partnered with local arts service organization Lakeshore Arts to offer Step x Step, Introduction to Mural Arts classes to the Lakeshore west community. The program concluded in creating locally inspired mural designs for Lakeshore Arts’ public art theme: water. The mural designs are now on display at the Smith Zone Gallery at Lakeshore Arts (2422 Lakeshore Blvd W) from December 6 to February 1, 2014. Meet artists, organizers and instructors at the closing reception on Saturday, February 1st from 12-2pm.

Step x Step: Lakeshore consisted of nine workshops run on Saturday afternoons at New Toronto Public Library from Sept 21to Nov 30, 2013. A group of 15 participants, ranging in ages from 15 to 60 years, gathered to learn and try new mural making techniques together. After seven sessions of mural making techniques and design discussions, the last two sessions were dedicated to painting large mural designs, working in pairs on their chosen theme and style. One participant describes the exciting collaboration of artists: “The most inspiring part was that I got to know wonderful people [and] saw amazing finished pieces!”

Mural Routes’ Step x Step, Intro to Mural Art has been a part of the organization’s continuum of mural training since 2011. The goal of the program is to provide a free visual art learning opportunity for all ages (14+) and abilities to develop and explore creativity and technical skills in relation to designing and creating murals in participants’ own neighbourhoods. Step x Step: Lakeshore focused on brainstorming and designing for potential mural sites identified by Lakeshore Arts. Past programs include Kennedy/Eglinton and Flemingdon Park, where participants designed and volunteered for nearby Mural Routes’ DVP Rainbow Tunnel Mural.

Mural Routes is dedicated to training and supporting mural artists and communities involved in mural arts through teaching, learning and sharing initiatives in mural art together, from introductory level to profession development and consultation. Partnering organization, Lakeshore Arts, welcomed the program as it fit in with their mandate of improving the availability of intergenerational arts and cultural activities within the Lakeshore neighbourhood. Tara Dorey, Mural Routes Program Coordinator, summarizes: “The partnership has been beneficial and energizing for both organizations. This exhibit clearly shows that we have tapped in to artists of all ages who want to be engaged in beautifying their neighbourhoods. Mural Routes hopes to have ignited a spark for more murals in the Lakeshore West community, and inspired community members to be a part of Lakeshore Arts’ future public art projects.”

About Mural Routes

Mural Routes is the only member-based not for profit arts service organization in Canada dedicated to the creation, promotion, and development of public wall art. Their vision is to create extraordinary public wall art that serves as a catalyst for community building. Since 1990, Mural Routes has worked with communities across Toronto to improve their neighbourhoods through the creation of outdoor murals.


About Lakeshore Arts

Lakeshore Arts is a not for profit community arts charity committed to improving the availability of arts and cultural activities within our neighbourhood, and through partnerships, across Toronto. They encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in the arts as a way of enriching their lives and strengthening our community.



Online Media

Web link: www.muralroutes.ca/2012/12/20/step-x-step-lakeshore-exhibit-media-release

PDF link: http://www.muralroutes.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/MediaRelease-StepxStep-Lakeshore-Mural-Designs-Final-Exhibit.pdf

Find more info and images of Step x Step, Intro to Mural Art: Lakeshore at:

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Mural Routes gratefully acknowledges that Step x Step: Lakeshore was made possible through funding by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, as well as in-kind programming space provided by Toronto Public Library, New Toronto Branch. This program and exhibit would not have been possible without the partnership and hosting of Lakeshore Arts.



Tara Dorey, Program Coordinator



Mural Routes, 1859 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M1N 1T3




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