‘Legacy in Motion’ Mural Unveiling Event at Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto

‘Legacy in Motion’ Mural Unveiling at Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto

Join Mural Routes and project partners on Sunday, July 15, 2018, 1pm, at Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, 5183 Sheppard Ave E, for the unveiling of the ‘Legacy in Motion’ Mural!

This mural project is being designed and created from May 15th to July 15th, 2018 as a SPARK project of the Cultural Hotspot, produced in partnership with the City of Toronto and supported by a StreetARToronto Partnership Program grant.

‘Legacy in Motion’ began with an Introduction to Mural Art program, held at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto. This free, 6-session program was open to anyone over the age of 14, and allowed a diverse, intergenerational group to learn about mural art. Informed by the outcomes of the program, plus a community consultation event and input from the CCCGT staff, lead Artist Rob Matejka, an experienced mural artist and long-time Mural Routes instructor, created an initial design proposal:

Our design concept for the CCCGT “Legacy in Motion” mural uses birds in flight to carry and spread arts and cultural practices of the continents of the world. The birds will start their path around the world from the north-east corner of the CCCGT building (facing Sheppard Ave. East), and spread westward.”

“Each bird will serve as a viewfinder into an element of arts & culture from around the world. The larger birds (cranes, herons, and geese) will focus on and feature international; vocal music, instrumental music, architecture, visual arts, dance, costume/jewelry, drama/theatre/ masks, and cuisine – while the smaller birds (magpies, wagtails, mandarin ducks, and swallows) will each feature a textile pattern from different parts of the globe. We have chosen birds for their elegance, beauty, and international migration patterns – the birds we have selected all have positive to neutral cultural significance in Chinese culture. The overall mural installation symbolizes the interconnected sharing of arts and culture from around the world as they have met and will continue to meet at the CCCGT.”

On July 15th all are welcome to join Mural Routes, the artists, City of Toronto’s Arts and Culture Services, StreetARToronto, and Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto for the official unveiling of this exciting new public artwork!

Visit us at www.muralroutes.ca and follow updates on: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @muralroutes and #CCCmural for progress updates!

Lead Artist: Rob Matejka

Artists: Leyland Adams, Joefrey Anthony Cabalu, Mel Coleman, Banafsheh Erfanian, Siddarth Khaire, Raoul Olou, Menelik Powell, Kareen Weir

Volunteers: Mitsuki Bishun, Monica Gutierrez, Alberto Cruz,  Sophie Lau,  Nigel Martin, Komi Olaf, Sienna Park, Sarvenaz Rayati, Connie Tong, Kseniya Tsoy


The Legacy in Motion Mural is supported by StreetARToronto, Chinese Cultural Centre of the Greater Toronto, and is a Cultural Hotspot SPARK project in partnership with the City of Toronto. From May through October 2018, the Cultural Hotspot shines a spotlight on arts, culture and the community in centre/north Scarborough, inspiring new ideas about where culture thrives in Toronto. The City of Toronto has partnered with us to create our SPARK project entitled Legacy in Motion. Other projects include visual arts, music, dance, youth mentorship and employment, local festivals and more. Projects like ours, and the legacy Cultural Loops Guide, will enable the local community and visitors to discover Hotspot neighbourhoods like centre/north Scarborough to experience arts, culture, fantastic food, heritage and parkland.




Tara Dorey

Program Director, Mural Routes



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