PIECE BY PIECE: Online Mosaic Workshops for Scarborough Residents (55+)

Thanks to a Government of Ontario Seniors Community grant, 27 Older Adults (55+) and Seniors (65+) living in Scarborough developed mural-making skills with experienced mosaic mural artist Cristina Delago. As part of the program, delivered virtually, each participant created a mosaic panel to contribute to this large community mural project on the theme of gratitude. During the unprecedented times of Covid-19 lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, participants shared what they were grateful for throughout the workshops. Using the time together to heal and bond through the creative process of mosaic-making, those involved in the workshops developed a sense of community and felt very connected in a time of physical isolation.

Participants were also able to create a mosaic keepsake for themselves.  Mural Routes supplied and safely delivered all materials needed to participate. Tech equipment and internet access were made available for those who requested it.

Three series of online workshops took place from March 8, 2021 to April 2, 2021.
The mosaic murals were installed at the Scarborough Food Security Initiative, located at 3595 St Clair Ave East, Scarborough (Unit 22) on May 25, 2021.

Community Participants: Susan Belfontaine, Barbara Broadley, Barbara Brown, Kim Brown, Spider Brown, Pat Buchanan, Elizabeth Cook, Cita Defreitas, Maureen D’Mello, Patricia Eastman, Danna Fitton, Zardosht Hooshvar, Evan Kelemen, Linda Kelland, Barb Kuzell, Michelle Lavoie, Holly Ling, Gail Marmoreo, Anne Ng, Maliheh Pamenari, Liliana Pinzon, Laurie Poirier, Avnish Raval, Yuliya Talinovski, Gerry Wolkowski, Manna Wong, and Leah Yuyitung.

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