Producer: KJ Bit Collective

Kind of Blue

Huge thank you to @kj.bit for putting on an amazing Mentor and Mentee mural jam in Oct 2021.

This is the garage I got and I immediately saw a piano. I wanted to transform the windows into black keys that glow at night. It is a whimsical play on a jazz pianist.

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Floral Mountains

Floral Mountains brings a retro wallpaper from the '70s into public space. By bringing the bold fun of textile patterns to the exterior of a home, this mural brings traditionally interior imagery outdoors in a playful, nostalgic and optimistic way.
A part of KJ Bit Collective's Mural Aerosol Mentorship project. Special thanks to my aerosol mentor Stephanie Bellefleur and for assistance from Niloofar Elahi.

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KJ Bit Collective partnered with StreetARToronto to transform this community laneway into a giant canvas of graffiti and mural art. KJ Bit organized 75 artists to paint garages in two live-paint jams. The initiatives were well supported by local residents who now enjoy their revitalized laneway. KJ Bit are Jieun June Kim and Erika James.

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