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Growing Wild (Maui + Chicago + Jasper National Park + Kootenay National Park)

Visitors were encouraged to watch and converse with Shackleton as she created the mural over a two week period. Following the indoor presentation, and in partnership with the AGN, the Town of Cobourg, Downtown Cobourg BIA, Lakefront Utility Services, and a local landlord, the artwork was installed on an exterior wall in the downtown core.

In this piece, urban and wild environments collide in search of growth. Shackleton combines melting glaciers, burnt trees and flooded streets to ask pressing questions about our future. How will we adapt and grow in the face of rising temperatures and water levels? What is truly at stake as our climate changes--the planet or humanity?

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Picture displays artwork on an electrical power box, artwork colours are purples, blues, black, and yellows.

Blueberry Mama

This mural was created for the Up Here Festival in Sudbury, Ontario for a painted Power Box project. It is currently located at the bottom of the main steps into Bell Park, with the old painted hospital to your left. The artwork was created to commemorate my childhood memories of picking wild blueberries in my backyard in Sudbury. I've been away from my hometown for most of my life but coming back to create a piece of public art felt full circle and a source of pride. Miigwetch and thanks to the organizers of Up Here and the partnership of Greater Sudbury Utilities for the Power Up project.

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Cellular to Stellar

A series of murals were made to ask questions about our experience: Emily Rose Michaud's mural was installed at Sainte-Cécile de Masham’s Elementary School. The mural provoked reflection on a series of questions to which the public was invited to respond. Two science and health professionals – a data scientist and a health advisor on COVID – developed the questions. A QR code displayed on the murals then directed the public to a web platform with the questions to solicit answers.

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Promise of Prosperity

This bright and bold mural acts as a welcoming sign to Central Commons Park, inviting people in and encouraging them to enjoy the outdoors. This park will be a main source of play and fun for kids, represented by maidenhair ferns which symbolize innocence.

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