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Berwick Fruit Company LTD

The Berwick Fruit Company Ltd mural is the first mural project organized by the Berwick Mural Society.The mural is an ongoing project that began in 2021, with new sections added annually.The objective of the mural is to highlight the significance of the Berwick Fruit Company Ltd in the establishment of Berwick as the Apple Capital of Nova Scotia. The first section was completed in September of 2021, which depicts an image of apple barrel transport in Berwick. The second section of the mural was completed in September of 2022, which shows a bustling scene of the Dominion Atlantic Railroad's Berwick Station.

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Strength In Numbers

Mural created with ArtStarts for the Junction region as part of the Graffiti Transformation project.
The underpass graced by this bike mural is a gateway for those heading to the Junction, but it’s a destination now, too. The 400-foot creation painted by seven artists over four weeks this summer turned a mundane slab of concrete into a giant uniting message: strength in numbers – a critical mass reminder for the city’s wide spectrum of cyclists.

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A colourful whale, octopus and mermaid canoeing into the sunset.


Located on their garage, facing the bustling street of Davenport, is an artistic interpretation of the family who lives there. As lovers of animals, nature and adventure, this whimsical mural captures their spirits, recreating the three of them as a whale, octopus and mermaid having the time of their lives on a canoe trip.

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