Thirteen Moon Calendar of the Anishinaabe

Mural Routes Member(s): Philip Cote

This work depicts the thirteen moon calendar at Little Canada, a museum with miniatures of important locations across this great country as well as ancient stories from Indigenous oral histories along with replicas of traditional villages.
The Thirteen Moons is a measure of natural time and marks times of Ceremony and harvest.
1 Spirit moon
2 Bear moon
3 Sugar moon
4 Sucker moon
5 Flower moon
6 Strawberry moon
7 Raspberry moon
8 Thimbleberry moon
9 Corn moon
10 Falling Leaves moon
11Freezing moon
12 Little Spirit moon
13 Big Spirit moon
There is also a Petro Form here that represents the Medicine Wheel and connections to the Star Knowledge.

Artist: Philip Cote

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 10 Dundas East, Dundas Street East, Toronto, ON Get Directions