Photo by J Spinney
Three young girls form the center of this mural. One is looking through a camcorder, one is looking forward with 3D glasses and one is sketching with one hand and holding a Polaroid to her eye in the other. They're resting on two blue whales. The background is pastel swirls. "Spread your magic" is written next to the girl with 3D glasses.
Artist(s): Corey Pane

Spread Your Magic

Completed: 2023

This mural was painted in 2023 by Corey Pane (@coreypaneart). Pane is an American artist based in Connecticut. More of Pane’s murals and other work can be found at

Located at “The Hub” at 1580 Grafton Street, this mural was created for the Halifax Mural Festival. Funding was provided by the Gritty to Pretty grant program, an initiative of the Downtown Halifax Business Commission.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 1580 Grafton Street Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2C2 Get Directions

Accessibility: The Hub is located in an empty lot and is lined with murals. The area is unpaved yet relatively flat. The surrounding area has some steep hills.