Photo by Daisy Wu
Thin, red panel on building with white Arabic text in the centre. In the background of the panel is outlines of women holding megaphones, talking on the phone and holding up signs.
Artist(s): Farah Emara

Speaking Up!

Completed: 2020

Artist’s statement: “There’s been a #metoo wave happening in Egypt where “400 official complaints of sexual assault & violence against women have been filed in 5 days” and thousands of women, bravely, shared their stories online, facing the stigma and blame that society places on survivors whom are speaking up. Inspired by every brave woman, Farah Emara, a 23 year old artist, is sharing her frustration and pride in this piece; “One day I cried out of frustration from all the stories I’ve read and heard, and yet I was crying out of pride because they’ve had the courage to break the silence and share such traumatic personal experiences. It’s hard and triggering for everyone, but no one is ever alone, we’re all together. Every woman is speaking up for herself and for all the other women. I wanted to celebrate their power and create an impression of pain and unity”. Sponsored by: Synonym Art Consultation, Graffiti Art Programming, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, Signex Manufacturing, Wall to Wall Mural Festival.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 330 Garry St Winnipeg MB R3B 2G6 Get Directions