Photo by Daisy Wu
Brick wall with the word "smile" in large, pink, teal, blue and yellow upper case letters. Around the letters are various abstract shapes and lines.
Artist(s): Tierney Milne, Brother Jopa


Completed: 2019

“This piece is designed to bring all-season pops of colour and joy to Winnipeg. Through whimsical shapes and jewel-tone palettes, we hope to create a positive disruption in people’s day and inspire them to connect to their inner child.
This collaborative youth mentorship mural is all about positivity and teamwork– from the conception and brainstorming phase through the designing and installation. Taking inspiration from the youth-selected word and the location of the wall, we wanted to bring the feeling of the word to life in the most colourful, joy-inducing way we could imagine.
Brother Jopa brought strong letter forms and a graphic composition to the table, and Tierney Milne added her love of fun palettes and geometric shapes. Combined together, we hope that these all-season pops of punchy colours and flowing shapes will inspire passers by and bring a positive disruption to the streets of Winnipeg.”

Sponsored by: Synonym Art Consultation, Graffiti Art Programming, West Broadway BIZ, Benjamin Moore, United Rentals, Take Pride Winnipeg, and Dulux Paint

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 115 Maryland St Winnipeg MB R3G 1K9 Get Directions