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Photo by Joanne Abbott

Persévérance Scolaire- Resiliency

Mural Routes Member(s): Joanne Abbott

Artist(s): Joanne Abbott and Students at École G. Theberge

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Completed: June 2022

Mural grant through Le Rift , Ville Marie , local committee on school perseverance and the Ministère de la culture et des communications du Québec. Students and volunteer students participated in the conception and design of the mural, working after school. Thank you to them for bringing this mural to life .The concept was to bring some of the colors of the outdoors in to the school to brighten up the learning environment. The deeper themes are the resiliency of nature and looking at the importance of such a small creature the bee. Its success relies on teamwork, focus , hard work, community , commitment, dedication, connection, healing and growth. The colors of the mural represents the differences in all of us .each circle doesn’t stand alone .not one circle is without a connection whether direct to another or indirectly. The overall theme of the mural is perseverance scolaire.
So much contributes to the success of our students, whether family friends , teachers, community , personal resiliency , humour laughter , creativity , music, and so much more.

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Location: 38 Rue Boucher, Témiscaming, Québec J0Z 3R0, Canada | Get Directions

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