Photo by Daisy Wu
On a narrow, dark blue panel, many wavy lines and shapes are depicted. Two shapes that resemble ceiling grates are seen at the top and bottom of the image. Shapes range from black, white and red.
Artist(s): Katrina M. Mendoza

night hooves (and fruit)

Completed: 2019

Mural created for Synonym Art Consultation and the Wall to Wall Mural & Cultural Festival 2015. Located on the side of 379 Broadway building, at the corner of Edmonton street.

Artist’s statement: “Door decor. night hooves (and fruit) are to the right of a door, under a window, between columns, behind that car, past the parking sign, around the corner from the entrance, across the street, behind a building, and over there. night hooves (and fruit) are a visual response to an adjacent mural at (former) Fools & Horses, Jade Rennie-Harper and Erin Ahl’s Birds of Paradise.”
Sponsored by: Benjamin Moore, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, Graffiti Art Programming and Wall to Wall Mural & Culture Festival.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 379 Broadway Winnipeg MB R3C 0T9 Get Directions