Photo by Golden Hearts Collective
Artist(s): Jaclyn White

Many Faces

Completed: 2019

Murals tend to show a town’s flair for the arts and culture in the area. It is a great opportunity to put forth street-side imagery that the community can enjoy but also reflect upon as to what it says about not only the artists living within the community but also their experience. Jac wanted to bring the idea of “Many Faces” to showcase an intricate expression of the area. She believes St. Thomas to be a multifaceted town that caters to small business, community, arts, and culture. This is a town that has many faces, both literally and metaphorically. St. Thomas is diverse in many aspects as well as inclusive to all members of the community. When she thinks of this town she thinks of the “Many Faces” that intricately come together to make it a supportive and charming place to live.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 633 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, ON, N5P 1C9 Get Directions