Photo by J Spinney
A woman sits back to back with a white, long-haired dog. Lupins and butterflies encircle them.
Artist(s): Sarah Cannon

Magic Meadows

Completed: 2021

Sarah Cannon (@nightarcade) was inspired by the natural wonders of the East Coast, particularly lupins. Another one of her murals, Sea Troll, is located on Halifax’s waterfront. Aside from being a muralist, Cannon is also an oil painter and digital artist based in Toronto, ON.

This mural was sponsored by Paramount Management, on behalf of Maxwell Properties Limited, and the Downtown Halifax Business Commission’s Gritty to Pretty program.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 1560 Grafton Street Halifax, NS B3J 2C3 Get Directions

Accessibility: The mural is best viewed from the sidewalk, as it's located on the wall of a building overlooking an empty lot. The sidewalk is paved and flat but near quite a few steep hills.