A mural featuring a horse pulling a red and white covered wagon bearing the name 'Everest and Sons Grocers'. A man in a large-brimmed hat sits on the covered wagon, while another man walks away from the wagon holding one box in each hand. The horse and wagon is waiting on an unpaved road by a wheat field in front of a green hedge with flowers, which extends into a hilly and tree-lined terrain. A child stands beside the horse presenting it a flower. Another child and figure in period-typical clothing wait at a gate that separates the hedge.
Artist(s): Noreen Mallory

Horse-Drawn Delivery Wagon

Completed: 1992

When Scarborough consisted mostly of farms, orchards and scattered villages, horse-drawn delivery wagons were a common sight. The Everest family operated the delivery service for a wide area around Scarborough Junction and included Cliffside in their rounds. The family business is still represented in Cliffside by Everest’s Hardware store on Kingston Road.

This mural was painted over in 2018.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 2365 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON, Canada Get Directions