Photo by Daisy Wu
Landscape with a large setting sun over a light blue body of water. Throughout the scene are various animals such as a giraffe, bear, bison, panda, and birds. Purple flowers are also scattered throughout.
Artist(s): Antoinette Banquiran, Rachel Goossen

Common Ground

Completed: 2019

Artist’s Statement: “Common Ground is an earth toned Mural that imitates aspects of the Canadian landscape and represents the diverse cultural backgrounds present in Winnipeg’s West End. The graphic arts inspired style of the Mural utilizes flat animated images that illustrate a number of playful animals and plants originating from a variety of continents. For example, the giraffe above the horizon is inspired by the Canadian-African community who have made their home in the West End, and the parrot is representative of the South American population. Each animal and plant originates from a diverse part of the world, but come together in this place to illustrate the idea of meeting as one community within a new landscape. This landscape includes images of water, rocks, rolling hills, prairie and marshlands, which are all native habitats across Canada. Ultimately, Common Ground symbolically represents the gathering of newcomers and long-time residence of the West End which consider Canada their home.”

Sponsored by: West End BIZ, Herc Rentals, Take Pride Winnipeg! and Dulux Paints.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 520 Sargent Ave Winnipeg MB R3B 1W2 Get Directions