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Photo by Brie Adkins

Bison Mural

Artist(s): Brie Adkins

Category: , ,

Completed: August 30, 2021

A little know fact about bison is that when a thunderstorm is coming they will turn towards the storm, walk into it and thus have to bear the brunt of the storm in a shorter time. They face adversity head on and pull together. I love this metaphor and used it in a way to represent the spirit of the town. In the ‘storm’ design are hundreds of little fingerprints from local children and supporters.

This mural was crowdfunded by Brie Adkins in partnership with the Local Collective in Drayton Valley. Funds were raised for the mural which includes all the names of contributors who donated $20 or more.

The makings of the Bison:

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 51 Street & 51 Avenue, Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada | Get Directions

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