Black Lives Matter

To the mural community,

The staff and Board at Mural Routes stand in solidarity against anti-Black racism, injustice, and oppression.  We believe that Black Lives Matter.

We are taking time to listen, look within, and discuss what we can do to make positive change.   Education is the enemy of prejudice and we will continue to educate ourselves as individuals and as an organization. We can always do better and the effort to end racism is a continuous one.  It’s important that diverse voices are included in our practice and our message, and we are committed to this. We will do the work necessary to build stronger partnerships with Black and Indigenous artists and organizations.

The mural community is one that supports each other, shares resources and knowledge, and is always striving to make a difference in our neighbourhoods.  Murals are often the first things we see in response and in support of those affected by injustice.  They also celebrate the good in the world and help to unite us as people from all different backgrounds.

Our hearts and minds are open, we are here to listen, learn and advocate as we move forward together.

From the Mural Routes team.

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