Mural Routes' Theory of Change diagram

Mural Routes’ Theory of Change

We are thrilled to share Mural Routes’ first ever Theory of Change!

In June, Mural Routes embarked on a strategic planning exercise to explore ways for achieving positive change. With funding from a Canada Council for the Arts Digital Generator (Stream 1) grant, we were able to work with Relativ Impact, who have guided us throughout the process of creating the Theory of Change below.

Mural Routes' Theory of Change diagram
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A Theory of Change is a blueprint for making sense of complexity, planning effective strategies and pathways to achieve positive change, and communicating intentions with stakeholders. Through a co-creation process with staff, Board Members, partners, and participants, we created a Theory of Change to define program success, measure progress, and track impact. The diagram illustrates how our core program activities follow casual pathways that lead to the measurable outcomes we plan to accomplish in order to achieve the impact goals we are committed to.

As part of the process, we held a number of stakeholder engagement sessions where participants were presented with a Theory of Change draft for them to discuss. Participants then contributed with their own vision of success for Mural Routes, highlighted impact goals that were missing, and shared about new activities and/or partnerships that were missing in order to achieve the proposed outcomes.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all who took the time out of their busy schedule to participate and contribute!

We are happy to share the outcome of this exercise with our members, funders, other stakeholders and mural art enthusiasts in general. This Theory of Change will be of great help when making decisions around the programming and projects we undertake moving forward. We have thoroughly enjoyed the process as well as working with Relativ Impact and cannot wait for the next phase where we start measuring our progress and tracking Mural Routes’ impact.


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.



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