Willowdale Mosaic Mural Project

Mural Routes has partnered with mosaic artists Robin Hesse and Cristina Delago to activate the community surrounding Yonge St. in the area of Willowdale, in North York, through the production of a community-engaged artistic installation. A mosaic mural will be installed in Willowdale (location TBC) to celebrate the area and contribute to the revival of the local economy which has suffered deeply due to the ongoing COVID pandemic.

The project will feature mosaic hearts – In Willowdale, the heart shape is considered an artistic and cultural symbol, and is deeply imbedded in its history (even small copper “heart” medallions are imbedded in the sidewalks). The content/design of these hearts will be determined by the local community who will be engaged throughout the process in various ways.

We will host four (4) community engagement sessions in October and November 2022.

We are currently inviting the local community of residents and businesses to give input about the area and the reasons why they love Willowdale by participating in this survey. This survey can be filled out until December 31, 2022.

Thank you for your participation and feedback! Your input will be taken into consideration when selecting the imagery/content to be included on the mosaic hearts – the 10 reasons why the community loves Willowdale!