“Echoes” at Lawrence Bridge (Summer 2011)

The Bridging Project transformed an east Toronto six-lane traffic bridge on Lawrence Avenue East (between Orton Park and Kingston-Galloway) into the connector between the two neighbourhoods.  Mural Routes collaborated with The Amazing Place, Jumblies Theatre, Scarborough Arts Council and Toronto Culture – Arts Services on The Bridging Project, bringing arts and environmental activities to the Kingston/Galloway/Orton Park community.

Echoes - The Bridging Project, Summer 2011

Echoes, Summer 2011 (north-facing bridge wall)
By Rob Matejka, Tara Dorey, Nigel Martin, Sadaf Ahmed, Tahmenna Bahski, Tamin Bahski, Mou Chowdhury, Donald Cox, Cote Grant, Donald Lewis, Tian Chun Shen, Alifa Siddiqui, Lorjans Udayakumar, Emilie Wong, Kevin Ye plus 26 volunteers
Part of Mural Routes’ Mural Mentorship and Training Program – Summer 2011 Echoes is Phase 2 of the Bridging Project’s art component. The mural’s theme is words and images of the community and represents “echoes” of the community voices, ideas and dreams. This mural was dedicated in a ceremony on August 27, 2011. Funded by City of Toronto’s Graffiti Transformation Program.

For more information visit: http://thebridgingproject.blogspot.ca

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