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Member Interviews: Evond Blake (Mediah)

Evond Blake is a Canadian multidisciplinary visual artist who has worked under the pseudonym MEDIAH for 25 years. ­ An Internationally renowned visual artist, MEDIAH is a trendsetter sparking new ideas and originality by blurring the lines between post-graffiti and dynamic abstraction. Blake’s work consists of weaving traditional street art forms with traditional painterly techniques …

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Irish Heritage in St James Town Mural (member sharing)

Happy St Patricks Day! From Michael Cavanaugh, project organizer and one of the mural artists who represented ancestral history and story in the 2015 ‘Neighbourhood of Nations’ mural in St James Town, Toronto: Thinking today of my great-great-grandfather Neil Harkin who came to Canada from Ireland on a coffin ship in 1847. His brother Edward’s name …

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