Summer 2013 Mural Team Update

The first two weeks of the summer have flown by!… Here are some highlights:

We have a team of 8 youth employed to work for us throughout the summer from TDSB Focus on Youth, Tropicana and local High school Coop students, led by Lead Artist, two assistant lead artists, and our Program Coordinator.

One of our Coop students, Serena, has put together these videos to show the process:

The youth have spent their first days training on some restoration projects (the 10 year old Monarch Butterfly murals at the office definitely needed some sprucing up), as well as practicing painting techniques.

Restoring Mural Routes office's Monarch butterfly murals
Restoring Mural Routes office’s Monarch butterfly murals

Our Lead Artist, Rob Matejka, has designed a 40+ ft Birch Tree Grove for Birch Cliff Public school, to be installed at the end of this summer. The Mural that had been gridded and enlarged onto 24 wood panels of 4 x 8′. We have traced the design, cut the tree outlines, and primed the panels!

Birch Grove design..Enlarging, Cutting & Priming
Birch Grove design..Enlarging, Cutting & Priming

More updates will come as the murals progress… including: Taste of Lawrence 10 year anniversary Mural, one more on-site Birch Tree -themed mural and Birch Cliff Bell box mural. Subscribe to the blog for e-mail updates.

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