Producer: STEPS Public Art

The focus of the 'River of Time' mural, which reads "flow gratefully through the currents of time."

River of Time

The 'River of Time' mural was undertaken by artists Natalie Very B., Bareket Kezwer, Julii McMillan and Julia Prajza, as part of the Neighbourhood Love Collective's Gateway Mural Project. The mural depicts artistically rendered wildlife, rivers and other nature scenes flowing through the seasons, the observer's eyes following a series of unbroken rolling hills that pass through the seasons.

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Clarkson Village Pollinator Panels

This project was curated by STEPS through their I HeART Main Street program to 26 Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) and 50+ artists who produced public art along commercial main streets, including murals, street furniture, and storefront activations.

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Renaissance of Mother Gaia

Jacquie believes colour is the universal language of emotions; it is light and energy, an electric current to the human brain, known to possess healing properties to change our thoughts and the way we feel. This mural speaks of regeneration and the power of resilience through a year of deep challenges. Through experiences of loss, grief, and uncertainty of the future, we also find ourselves at the wake of a new light and social consciousness. She hopes this mural serves as visual therapy to encourage wellness and mental wellbeing.

Artist: Jacquie Comrie

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Grow. Rise. Lead.

In collaboration with Ryerson University and The STEPS initiative, 6 commissioned murals were produced in collaboration with street artist Peru as part of a larger laneway revitalization project to make The O' keefe Laneway a safer and more vibrant space.

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