Producer: Downtown Yonge BIA

The History of Theatre on Yonge Street

In collaboration with the Chelsea Hotel and Downtown Yonge BIA, this mural showcases Yonge Street's theatre scene over the past century. The wall stretches 145-feet long with images of theatres, props and actors depicted in horizontal panels to look like a film strip. Life-size patrons and children line the pedestrian sidewalk, while vintage cars are painted on on the street side. 4 panels include realistic facades of 4 different theatres that were painted in black and white to give a timeless feel that adds to the historical theme.

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Downtown Yonge BIA Music Mural South

This 2017, 22-story music mural pays homage to the musicians that played Yonge Street during the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. This south facing mural features The Band, David Clayton Thomas, Lonnie Johnson, Jay Douglas, GODDO, Salome Bey, RUSH, Dizzy Gillespie, Kim Mitchell, Carol Pope, Cathy Young, Jon and Lee from the Checkmates and …

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Downtown Yonge BIA Music Mural North

This 2016, 22-story mural pays homage to the musicians that played on Yonge Street during the 50’s and 60s. This mural feature Ronnie Hawkins, Glenn Gould, Diane Brooks, Jackie Shane, Muddy Waters, Shirley Matthews, B.B. King, Gordon Lightfoot, Oscar Peterson. Managed by the Downtown Yonge BIA, painted by Toronto mural artist Adrian Hayles.

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